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I picked up my mail today and there was the first month of YogaBurn Monthly!! So excited to receive it!! I must tell you I was thrilled to see all the bonuses/extras: the Meditation Solutions on DVD along the with the Beginner flow, so enjoyable; and the tutorials: fantastic ,plus the Yoga Nidra!! WOW unbelievable value in one package!!!! You really are going over the top giving us so very much for such a reasonable price, but the knowledge and gifts are way priceless !!!!  I just started the flows for week one and found it to be challenging but I am humbled to receive such a beautiful practice in a beautiful setting and know the benefits of all of these gifts will be available for a life time of glowing health wellness and joy!!! Thank you all so very much!!! Looking so forward to the rest of the weeks and months!!! In love and light,
Christina S.

I'm also on week two of Yoga Burn Monthly and love these restorative poses. They are challenging and are helping with my posture. I'm also seeing an improvement in focus and my short term memory.Zoe, I can't thank you enough. You're a wonderful teacher and your programs are changing my life. Thank you.
Teri W.

I have been enjoying Yoga Burn and your emails and want to continue feeling better and improving myself.  I am really excited that the first month is Restorative Yoga.  I have chronic back pain (from tight hamstrings, quads & psoas) and took a restorative yoga class while on vacation in Grand Cayman which I loved and haven’t been able duplicate.
Cornelia H.

If Yoga Burn Monthly is just half as great as your Yoga Burn, I will be a satisfied customer. I didn't think my 61 yr old body could feel this way but it does!!  
Renee S

I love you Zoe! I got your program a few months ago, the first time I did it, I felt so vibrant! I couldn't stop talking about it. Fitness is a huge part of my life for years and the newest journey was starting yoga and then your program along. It just keeps building and now this new opportunity. I do have to say I love your emails.
Jan S.

I was a beginner to yoga but am enjoying yoga burn so much and feeling so much better that I want to carry on. I am excited to learn the different styles & look forward to figuring out which is best for me.  :-)
Michelle E.

Thank you for all your hard work in creating Yoga Burn monthly! 
I have tremendously enjoyed and benefited from the Yoga Burn series (I'm about to start week two of phase 3), and I was starting to feel anxious about nearing the end of the program after the final phase. What to do next??!
I am elated to sign up for this monthly series! I am new to yoga and have only once visited a yoga studio class.....I realized it's not my first choice to do yoga in a group environment. With Yoga Burn, I have grown used to your style, voice, and coaching and am much more comfortable continuing my practice with you in my own living room!!  :) 
Yoga Burn Monthly will be worth every penny I know! 
Thanks again for all of your efforts in making it a reality and available to us.
Heather B.

I received the welcome Yoga Burn Monthly email and am replying as you requested. :-)I am excited for Yoga Burn Monthly because I have had so much success with Yoga Burn! I have seen the transformation in me since using this program. I have anxiety and after seeing that Yoga Burn monthly will have practices to help with just that...I am confident I am receiving even more to benefit me than I already have with the Yoga Burn program. 
Annette L.

This extraordinary 6-month class in hard copy DVD will be easier for me, it is the hook, the bait I needed, lol, to be caught by your invitation to Yoga! I'm thrilled, excited, happy to have you as my Teacher! Thankyou so much for all you are, all you know, and all you so generously share! 
Lesley T.

Dear Zoe,
I wanted to thank you (and your crew) for these visually beautiful yoga videos -- they are truly wonderful and your positive energy shines through! I am enjoying almost every day now.
Thank you for caring so much about your work product. I'm so glad I purchased and am really enjoying learning Kundalini Yoga.
Best wishes,
Roseleen O.

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